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Meet the Team

Tim is the host of The Late Night Gaming Show and heads up our reviews and articles division. Tim loves a good debate and will find anything to have a deep conversation about. He may seem serious but Tim often finds a way to make a joke out of anything so we can guarantee there will be plenty of laughs!
Some of Tim's favourite Games include Metroid prime, uncharted and Bio shock with The legend of Zelda: breath of the wild taking his number 1 spot. Tim loves to play on every gaming system so you can be sure your in good hands.
Jodie is our tech genius and is the brains behind the camera. Jodie keeps the rest of the team in line and makes sure you get your daily dose of CGN every day. She can make almost anything on Minecraft and has a borderline obsession with the Assassins creed series.
Jodi's favourite games include: Assassins creed, Minecraft and the division. With Jodie you can guarantee CGN will stay as the well oiled machine you've come to expect.
Mike is our resident PC gaming expert and has an incredible knack for turning on his own team during cooperative games while chuckling quietly to himself. Some of his talents include being able to fit his entire fist in his mouth and dishing out more friendly fire than anyone else in the world. Mike is the other half of The Late Night Gaming Show, bringing the smiles and giggles.
Mikes favourite games include: Garry's mod, Super smash bros and Tetris. We challenge you to find a happier man than mike and he's guaranteed to bring a bit of sunshine to your day.

What is CGN?

CGN stands for the Christian Gaming Network. We aim to bring together community of both Christian and non Christians to discuss gaming and faith. We are gamers at heart and love sharing our faith so we thought why not do both? We certainly won't be ramming religion down your throat but will instead be creating an open space to have discussions based around games and faith. So whether you believe in something or you believe in nothing CGN is a community for you! And whether you want to talk about faith or just want to share your opinion on the latest game releases, we guarantee you'll find a home here in the CGN community


CGN comprises of 3 main areas:

The Late Night Gaming Show

The Late Night Gaming Show is CGN's main show staring Tim and Mike. The Late Night Gaming show covers all the latest gaming news and releases, covering all gaming platforms. The show that lives on YouTube and your favourite Podcast services aims to discuss the on goings in the gaming industry while bringing in a Christian perspective. We'll discuss gaming news, our opinions on the latest game releases and also discuss our faith in relation to games. Its a great place to discuss games and faith with the community in an open and safe place. So come and join us, whether your a Christian or not, for some great discussions and a lot of laughs with 2 guys who have been following the industry for over 20 years!

CGN Reviews

One of the most unique aspects of CGN is its games reviews. We'll review each new major release both in written form here on the site and in video form on our YouTube channel. We'll give a final score at the end of each review but what makes our reviews unique is that we'll also provide what we call a morality score. We don't just want to inform you on how good the game is but we also want to inform you on what is in the game and what we think of it coming from our Christian perspective. The idea is that we tell you what we think you need to look out for and whether we think the age rating given is right based on our beliefs, we then post the review in video form on YouTube and written form on our website. And this is where you, the community gets involved! You watch/read the review then join the community and tell us what you think in the discussion online. Our reviews aren't concrete but rather a starting point for the community discussion. If your a parent as well, our reviews can be a great tool to figuring out what games are appropriate for your kids. We inform, you form your own opinion, then share it with the community.

Live streams

Our third area is our weekly live streams. At launch we will be running 2 weekly live streams. 1 every Monday and 1 Every Thursday. We'll be live streaming the team playing latest releases but most importantly we'll be engaging with the community live. This will be your chance to ask us questions, have open discussions about anything and everything and maybe even have a few little surprises along the way. So come and join us every Monday and Thursday for a lot of laughs and a whole lot of fun!


The 3 areas above are indeed our main focus as CGN but its far from everything we'll be doing. We'll also have plenty of Lets plays, reactions, E3 and Game conferences coverage" and also what we are calling "Throwback Thursdays" where we play an old retro game every week on YouTube! We'll continue to develop new and exciting shows as CGN grows so make sure you subscribe and follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and most importantly Patron to stay up to date with all the latest from CGN!