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Could this be the best Zelda game of all time? And is this remake worth your extra cash? Find out in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Review

The 2 weeks of next Gen!

The Next gen is here and to celebrate we are having 2 weeks of Next Generation goodness starting 22nd february we will have 1 new Next Generation game review up daily for 2 weeks finishing with a PS4/Xbox One show down! This is the Next gen blowout!

Next Gen Blowout Day 2: Battlefield 4

Call of Duty's rival is day 2 in our next gen celebrations. Can Battle field destroy it's rival or does it fall short of greatness find out in the next gen review!

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Wii U Virtual Console mini Reviews 

Here you can find mini reviews of all the virtual console games now available on the Wii U's e-shop and future releases, helping you decide whats worth your hard earned cash and what you should leave in the past. Click to enter

Editors choices for next Gen

Come and see what some of our editors think about the next generation of consoles and what they plan on buying day one and in the future. Click to read this article

Using the Pegi rating system

Here at CGN we use the pegi rating system in helping you to choose the right games for you. In this article we explain how it all works and what each symbol means so come on in and have a look. Click to read