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Monster Hunter World Review

Giant monsters, beautiful open worlds, living breathing eco systems. Monster Hunter World is here and back on Playstation systems as well as Xbox one. With enhanced graphics and 14 unique weapons, could this be the best Monster Hunter ever? 

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It landed a day early!!! We put Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition through its paces in our first ever special gameplay video. Tim takes you through the games first 30 minutes, comparing it the original while showing off some of the games new features. Sit back relax and enjoy the gameplay

Latest episode of LNGS

Check out the latest episode of the late night gaming show!

in episode 8 we catch up with Tim and Jodie as they discuss the latest news, review a brand new game and even an older one. Topic of the week this time round is a little more personal as Tim and Jodie discuss online bullying on social media and online video games


It's that special time of the year when we get to celebrate all the gaming goodness we experienced last year! That's right, it's time to announce CGN's game of the year! who will take home the gold? Will it be  the playstation exclusive Horizon zero dawn? maybe it could be the charming xbox exclusive Cuphead? or maybe it will be nintendo's flagship game The legend of zelda breath of the wild! 

Finally what will take home our unique Morality award? 

All is revealed right here right now!